Sprinkler System Design & Installation: Tips & Tricks

Saturday, May 20, 12 - 2 PM (CDT)
Sprinkler Warehouse Training Room, 8535 Jackrabbit Road, Unit A, Houston, TX, USA  

This is a hands-on class that allows you to work with the sprinkler parts while learning how to design and install your sprinkler system. In this class, you will learn the 10 basic steps to designing a sprinkler system and the 10 steps to installing a sprinkler system. We will share the industries tips & tricks at each step in the design and installation process. No matter if you are considering installing an irrigation system in your lawn for the first time or you want to become more familiar with the inner workings of a pre-existing system, this class is sure to provide you with an abundance of irrigation knowledge.

Sprinkler System Design & Installation Topics

How to gather required information for your sprinkler system
How to layout the sprinkler heads to assure proper coverage
How to break the yard up into zones (stations) or areas that will be watered together
How to determine the layout & size of the sprinkler system pipes
How to tap into the main water supply
How to dig trenches without ruining the grass
How to install the main line & lateral line pipes
How to bore under the driveway and sidewalks
How to determine where to place your sprinkler system valves
How to install lateral lines and sprinkler heads
How to wire the controller to the valves
How to determine the parts and supplies required for installation
How to choose and install a sprinkler controller
Sprinkler system upgrades we highly recommend

Steve Okelberry

Sprinkler Warehouse Training Room, 8535 Jackrabbit Road, Unit A, Houston, TX, USA